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They have always found a way to come out on top: Dinesh Karthik on Team India

06 Dec, 2022
They have always found a way to come out on top: Dinesh Karthik on Team India
06 Dec, 2022 By Editor

India got off to a faulty start in the ODI series against Bangladesh, where the Men in Blue conceded the game from the brink of victory. Team India will be desperate to answer the questions in store for them as the second ODI is almost upon them.

Dinesh Karthik had a few important suggestions for Rohit Sharma to get India's campaign in Bangladesh back on track. Talking to Cricbuzz, DK said, "He must be crediting the bowlers. He knows they brought them back into the game. In many ways they delivered for the first 40 overs, that is 80 percent of the bowling."

He further talked about what exactly marred India's outing in the opener and how it would impact Rohit, stating, "The Indian captain would be disappointed with the fielding. You would expect more from the fielders. In those clutch moments, you want those half-chances taken and don't want to give away easy boundaries."

Adding further, DK said, "Rohit will definitely have a word with the batters, tell them that I know it's one blip but we are going to experience these wickets in the next couple of games as well. So let us figure it out. Let us not think about 300-320, be realistic about what we can get and bat towards that as the goal."

"Two practice sessions won't change you too much as a player. That is always the case, that is always how it works. What will help is introspection at an individual level. One good thing about the Indian team is their ability to bounce back from adversity. They have been a team that has constantly been thrown challenges but they have found a way to come out on top", concluded Karthik.