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RCB Bold Diaries: Cameron Green narrates his story of his fight against Chronic Kidney Disease

03 Apr, 2024
RCB Bold Diaries: Cameron Green narrates his story of his fight against Chronic Kidney Disease
03 Apr, 2024 By Editor

We all are aware of the fact that Cameron Green is potentially one of the most menacing all-rounders in world cricket currently. He was roped in by the Royal Challengers Bengaluru ahead of this year’s auction from Mumbai Indians as a part of an all-cash trade. Following the buzz of the trade, Green revealed in an interview that he is battling a chronic kidney disease and there is no cure to it.

In RCB’s latest Bold Diaries video, Green has narrated a story that will push you to the feeling that life may not always be easy but then if you have the heart of a champion, there will be blessings in plenty and the fight will always go on.

The burly all-rounder said, “My name is Cameron Green. I was born in Perth, Australia on the 3rd of June, 1999. Both my parents were in finance. While I was growing up, I loved playing cricket with my dad. Mum wasn’t much of a cricket fan at that point in time but watching me play cricket and now she loves it.”

Green added, “My dad was an all-rounder. I think I have somewhat of a similar action to how he used to bowl. He’s the kind of guy who threw me a lot of balls, probably making me the cricketer that I am today.”

Cam paid a visit to the Bengaluru Kidney Foundation to meet a few warriors battling kidney ailments which are very rarely spoken of. Green said, “The significance of this visit is that I have chronic kidney disease myself. I have had it my whole life. I’m one of the lucky ones where it hasn’t really affected me physically. At the same time, a lot of people have got the same thing that I have got and aren’t as healthy as I am.”

He continued, “I have got a bit of a feeling of wanting to help out, especially being here in Bengaluru, now they have got a great foundation, I am pretty keen to get involved and see what it’s all about.”

Shedding light on his own battle with the disease, Green said, “My journey of Chronic Kidney Disease started when I was born. I had a few things go wrong. That affected my kidney health. I think the doctors were quite worried when I was born that I might not live past the age of 10. So it was a pretty real risk for me. Both my parents were quite relieved on my 10th birthday that I was a reasonably healthy baby and I wasn’t as affected by chronic kidney disease as other people.”

Stating further, Green said “I think from all reports my mum cried, I feel really sorry for my parents, I think having to go through that would be quite challenging and quite scary. There's no cure. That’s the really scary thing about that. I think your kidneys can never improve, can never heal themselves. You basically have to look after them as well as you can.”

He concluded by saying, “I got really looked after when I was younger, when I was in the hospitals, with kidney doctors helping me out along the way, so I’m one of the lucky ones that got helped out my whole life. What I have to do is I have to reduce my protein and salt in my diet which basically helps your kidney to not get into a worse state where you could be in a really bad situation. Anyway, look after them and you do it.”