As a spinner it makes you more focused – Kuldeep Yadav on Bazball

14 Feb, 2024 By Editor

As India brace themselves for the third match of the ongoing Test series against England, Kuldeep Yadav made an important statement that reflects the warring spirit in the Indian dressing room. Whenever England is involved in Test cricket, Bazball has been a term spoken around frequently. The Indian spinner pointed out that like the way Bazball has helped England over the last two years, similarly, it is posing a challenge for the Indian bowlers to think out of the box.

Talking in the pre-match presser of the third Test, Kuldeep said, “Usually in Tests you're not used to teams attacking you with this kind of approach [Bazball], but it also involves you a lot more. As a spinner it makes you more focused on how you want to bowl and what your approach is.”

He continued, “Normally when you play Tests, you don't worry about batters attacking you, you're only focused on how you want to get them out. But here the approach is different, they're in attacking mode so you also have to plan how to restrict them. When they play shots, you have those many opportunities to take wickets. It's interesting. The last game was my first [against Bazball], I enjoyed it a lot, it's good for cricket."

Shedding some light about his cricket journey in the longer format of the game, Kuldeep said, “It's been good. Whatever Tests I've played, I've performed well. I have three five-fors, so yeah it feels good when you see the stats. I'm very happy."

He further said, “Am not sure of my position. If I get the opportunity, I'll be more than happy. I don't think too much about whether am playing or not. I just enjoy my day and keep working hard. Combination is such a thing that it matters in a team game. As simple as that."

Kuldeep also dropped a hint about how the surface is going to be like, stating, “It'll be a batting wicket. It doesn't mean there'll be 700-800 runs scored. It'll be a good wicket. It won't be a rank turner, it will be a live wicket, good for cricket."

He concluded by sparing a thought for rank turners, adding, “I haven't played on rank turners, I don't know what the approach or thought is, it's a team management decision. Obviously everyone wants to watch good cricket. I don't know if I'll get an opportunity or not, but whether it's flat wicket or rank turner, I enjoy it. I think batting is also important, not just spin bowling. Fast bowling comes into the game as well. It's good for cricket. It's not like you'll see rank turners only, but hopefully you'll see it [laughs]."