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Virat Kohli on Mental Health management of players

03 Jun, 2021
Virat Kohli on Mental Health management of players
03 Jun, 2021 By Editor

Ever since the bio bubble arrangements came into place to keep the game running, while ensuring the well being of the players, the cricket calendar has become hectic than ever before.

The safety protocols mean that players are confined to a designated area, not allowed to mingle with anyone from outside the area. The unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 virus also means that more often than not players are required to assemble for a tournament well in advance and go through a series of tests. Amid all this organized chaos, they have to keep the focus on the game. It’s only obvious for all of it to take a mental toll on them.

India and RCB skipper Virat Kohli aware of how difficult it can be and speaking for the entire community, he has brought to the world’s notice the challenges faced by players during these times.

"With the current structure and the kind of structure that you're competing inside for a long period of time, it's very difficult for the players to stay motivated and find the right kind of mental space," Kohli said in the press conference before leaving for England.

"You know just confined in one area and just doing the stuff, day in day out when you're dealing with high-pressure situations. So, this (two squads) will definitely become a norm for the future," he added.

Kohli talked about players not having the avenues to disconnect from the game these days, but also added how management understands what players need during these times.

"Apart from the workloads, the mental health side of things will also come into the picture big time because you don't have an outlet at all. In today's day and age you literally go into the ground, come back to the room, and you have no space where you can just disconnect from the game and just go out for a walk or go out for a meal or a coffee and say, Okay, Let me refresh myself,” said the 32-year-old.

"Let me just get away from the game a little bit so I think this is a huge factor that should not be neglected. Because as much hard work as we've done to create this team, you don't want players falling out because of the mental pressures and not having the capacity or the space to express themselves."

"So, I think there has to always be a channel over which the management has left it for players to approach them and tell them, ''Look, I'm not feeling right in the head, and I just need a break and I just want to disconnect from the game''.

"So, I think that's going to be a huge factor and I'm sure that the management understands that," said the skipper.