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Weather update in Bengaluru for the upcoming IPL 2024 decider clash between RCB and CSK

17 May, 2024
Weather update in Bengaluru for the upcoming IPL 2024 decider clash between RCB and CSK
17 May, 2024 By Editor

One of the major discussions doing the rounds in the Indian cricketing arcade is that of the weather in Bengaluru for the next two days as the decider for the fourth team in this year’s tournament for the play-offs will be riding on the game slated to be played tomorrow at M Chinnaswamy Stadium between the Royal Challengers Bengaluru and Chennai Super Kings.

As things stand, Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad have made their way to the play-offs even though there is still scope for a shuffle of positions between SRH and RR if the latter tends to slip in their last game. For RCB and CSK though, at the moment, CSK has 14 points from 13 games while RCB has 12 from the same number of fixtures.

If RCB is to qualify and there is a full game, batting first, they will have to amass 200 runs and eventually restrict CSK within 182 while if they bat second and they are chasing the aforementioned target, they will have to pull it off with 11 balls to spare.

Lucknow Super Giants have a game in hand but they will have to win by a ginormous margin which somewhat remains next to impossible to be in the same zone as RCB or CSK. With all of that being said, it has been pouring substantially in Bengaluru for the past week and fears are that it will continue to rain in the upcoming days as well.

The fact that the threat of the rain still looms large obviously brings us to the point so what if the match washes out? The answer is that will lead to a heartbreak for RCB despite an extraordinary conclusive run in the last five games.

At the moment, there are high chances of moderate thunderstorms and rain throughout the weekend, eventually intensifying the frowns on the faces of the supporters. But again if it doesn’t rain, you never know, we may be in for a potential decider which will be nothing short of cinema.