RCB Bold Diaries: Mo Bobat talks extensively about RCB’s pool of Indian talents

02 Apr, 2024 By Editor

Mo Bobat, RCB’s Director of Cricket, has been a pivotal part of the team’s support staff and it goes without saying that his knowledge of the overseas players given his prior work experience is limitless, but his new-formed bond with the Indian players has been one to watch out for.

In RCB’s latest Bold Diaries video, Bobat talked at length about the Indian core of the team and how it has been an exciting journey for him as well to work with them in the ongoing edition of the league.

He said, “I come in with a good understanding, I’d say a lot of the overseas talent but it has been brilliant for me to get to know a little bit about the Indian players and the local players, particularly those that aren’t seasoned internationals.”

Mo continued, “Even in our starting line-up, if you would take someone like Rajat, I have massively enjoyed seeing him at close quarters. When I was in my England role, I had a series against India A with our England A team against Rajat and he scored a fantastic 100. He looks pure class and he looks a level above everybody else. What I’ve seen with him is that he is a fantastic, classy batter, he’s a fantastic player of spin, and I think he has got all sorts of power from very easy positions.”

Shifting his focus to Anuj Rawat, Mo said, “Anuj Rawat again, really enjoy seeing him doing well, the first game of the season against CSK was a great start for him and really good for him to get his campaign going so that’s really good. He is a good powerful player, someone who gets into really strong positions and he can hit the ball a long way. He’s really added a lot of value for us and again he’s been really tidy with the gloves as well.”

Talking about Mayank Dagar, Bobat said, “Mayank Dagar, someone whom we did a lot of research about in the off-season, someone whom we traded, someone we had high hopes on. I was quite fortunate actually. I got excellent information from our scouting team about Mayank Dagar and we couldn’t be any happier with what he’s done so far. He looks as a real bowler as well. Well from our perspective, he’s going to play an important role in this team moving forward and we’ve probably seen a glimpse of what he does in the field as well. He’s one of the best fielders in the competition.”