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Playing in IPL has been an honour for me: Imran Tahir

05 Feb, 2023
Playing in IPL has been an honour for me: Imran Tahir
05 Feb, 2023 By Editor

IPL has brought together countless iconic cricketers in the same dressing and what would otherwise have remained a mere dream, sprang forth to life only because of India’s cash-rich extravaganza laying the foundation for the arrival of bigger names onto the scene. 

Imran Tahir is one such reckoning moniker to have taken the IPL by the scruff of its neck in its heydays. The South African leggie, now plying his trade in the ongoing ILT20 tournament, opened up about his playing experience in the Indian conditions and how the sub-continent has embraced him with arms wide open.

Talking about his playing days in the IPL, Tahir mentioned, “If you are a cricketer, you don’t need exposure of playing in India. The love and support of fans and the passion for cricket in India is unmatched. For me, it has been an amazing experience of playing the world’s biggest league for seven years. It’s an honour for me.”

He further added, “It’s not that all pitches in India are spin-friendly, especially if I speak about the pitches used in IPL, so it’s a good challenge of bowling in batting-friendly conditions.”

Briefly shedding some light on the ongoing ILT20 and the current evolution of cricket, Tahir said, “It’s our duty as seniors to motivate the youngsters, which I lacked during my initial days as a cricketer. MI Emirates has given a very good opportunity for the youngsters to share the dressing room with the experienced guys. It took me 13 years to learn another variation of leg spin bowling, but I’m happy that the youngsters today won’t have to wait for so long.”