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Mithali Raj reveals what made Jhulan Goswami a great

25 Sep, 2022
Mithali Raj reveals what made Jhulan Goswami a great
25 Sep, 2022 By Editor

An incredible couple of decades in the cast iron of 22 yards came to a befitting end as Jhulan Goswami bade adieu to the sport as a cricketer, finishing her career on a high that saw her claiming two important wickets on the final day and lifting a historic series at the Home of cricket.

Jhulan was not the only Indian woman to say farewell to the sport in the ongoing year as another Indian icon, Mithali Raj stepped down from a long-standing pedestal, playing her last ODI against New Zealand at Christchurch on March 27th this year.

The duo shared a long-standing relationship both on and off the field and made many memories together. Talking about Jhulan’s intensity on the cricket field, her former compatriot said, “We are of the same age, so we have that comfort level and communication. It was always very easy to reach out to her and speak to her. Someone who was always high on energy on the ground, may be because she is a fast bowler."

Despite all the noise around movement, Jhulan’s biggest weapon was undoubtedly her accuracy and the kind of line and length she bowled to was an ode to her bedazzling brilliance. Likening Jhulan’s fiery spirits on the field, Raj highlighted that it was simply an extension of what the Indian quick conjured in the nets.

Raj revealed, “In the nets, I would often ask her 'why are you spitting fire, you are my team-mate only na'. Then she would say 'to get out is the toughest'. She always had the competitive streak including domestic cricket where we played against each other often. I enjoyed that rivalry as well."

Not only was Jhulan revered by her own teammates but even the opposition gave her due props. Shedding light on why she was one of the most feared customers in the fast lanes of women’s cricket, Mithali pointed out, “What stood out was her accuracy. She was not much of a swing bowler, she was more of a bowler who would get the ball in and out. The cutters were her strength. At her peak, she would hardly give loose balls."

Concluding on a show of support and why Jhulan was so important to the side, Raj said, “She was a lone ranger from one end for a very long time. She would get support at times but often she would be the only one trying to put pressure. That holds true even in recent times.