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I want to live this moment – Rohit Sharma on India’s T20 World Cup triumph

03 Jul, 2024
I want to live this moment – Rohit Sharma on India’s T20 World Cup triumph
03 Jul, 2024 By Editor

Rohit Sharma led Team India to a historic second triumph in the T20 World Cup at Barbados. A dream that started 17 years back where Rohit was a part of the World Cup winning team in South Africa, found a new chapter where the Hitman was shouldered with the onus of leading the team to greatness.

He successfully dispatched his duties and that too with distinction. Talking about the raw emotions, the exhilarations and the dream that led to it all, Rohit Sharma took to and underscored what the victory meant to him and the team.

Rohit said, “Yeah, the feeling is surreal. I would still say it hasn't sunk in totally. It's been a great moment right from when the game got over till now. It feels like a dream and we still feel that it hasn't happened. Although it has happened but it feels like it hasn't happened. That's the emotion, that's the meaning that you have.”

He further added, “We worked hard as a unit for such a long period of time. It is now with us. Feels quite relieved as well because when you work hard for something and eventually you get it at the end, it feels really really nice.”

Shedding some light about the party on the night of the triumph, Rohit said, “Last night we had a good time, we had a blast with the teammates till the early morning. I would say I didn't sleep properly but that's absolutely fine by me. There is a lot of time for me to go back and sleep.”

Describing what the victory tasted like, Rohit said, “I want to live this moment, each minute, each second that is passing by and will try to make the most of it. It's been a great moment right from the time the game got over to till now. That's the emotions and feelings you have.”

After India’s win, Rohit walked the 22-yard strip at Barbados and eventually at the end of it, also emulated Novaj Djokovic’s grass eating celebration by putting a speck of mud from the surface in his mouth.

Answering whether that was to replicate Joker, Rohit said, “Nothing was scripted. It was all coming instinctively. I was feeling the moment. When I went to the pitch, that pitch gave us this trophy. I will remember that ground forever in my life and that pitch as well. I wanted to have a piece of it with me. Those moments are very special, the place where all our dreams came true and I wanted something of it.”